Street Art & Staircases – Around The World
Street art and staircases

Street Art & Staircases – Around The World

Street art is gradually becoming more and more prevalent and acceptable as an art form. This blog post is all about street artist that have decorated public outdoor steps.

These unexpected mosaics, designs, and portraits on surfaces we often take for granted are transformed into tourist hot spots for their photo opp potential, their beauty and creativity, and in some cases because of who painted them!

They may seem like random splashes of paint to someone actually climbing those steps, but someone looking at them from below will see the artist’s full vision.   Many of these pieces were a community effort, which goes to show how far street art has actually come.

1) 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

san franPhoto credit –

2. Seoul, South Korea

s koreaPhoto credit – Kevin Lowry

3. Stairs to the musical theater in Seoul, South Korea

s korPhoto credit – Kimhwan SEOULIST

4. Wuppertal, Germany

germanyPhoto credit –  frizztext

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

rio dejPhoto credit –

6. Stairs of Peace in Syria

syriaPhoto credit – Jood Voluntary Team

7. Morlaix, France

francePhoto credit – ZAG

8. Tehran, Iran

iranPhoto credit –

10. Beirut, Lebanon

lebenonPhoto credit – Dihzahyners Project

10. Angers, France


Photo credit –  Mademoiselle Maurice

And there you have it – next time you find yourself visiting one of these places – be sure to check out these beautiful staircases!

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