Can Inbound Marketing Be A GAME CHANGER For Your Business?
Why inbound marketing is important

Can Inbound Marketing Be A GAME CHANGER For Your Business?

Getting a response from prospects continues to be a growing challenge as people are inundated with outbound marketing messages daily.  Inbound marketing has the potential to be a game changer for you and your business.  Read on, to learn how!

Ok, let’s first start by talking about what outbound marketing is – it’s when you reach out to prospective customers by cold calling, email blasts, direct mail, LinkedIn messages, etc.  Outbound marketing is still very widely used and there are varying levels of effectiveness tied to each channel.  The problem with outbound marketing is that it’s disruptive.  The customer isn’t coming to you, you are interrupting them in some way which can turn people off if it’s not done correctly.

Inbound marketing is when you create content that your audience will actually want such as blog post, article, educational video, product review, e-book etc.  Then…have you guessed?  Yes, you make it available where you can reach your target audience.  This is way more effective because instead of pushing someone to something they don’t want (or don’t know that they want yet 😉), you are pulling them in as a lead.  It’s not a direct service pitch but it’s an effective way to market and get new clients. For example, you could create a lead generation campaign – where you exchange a downloadable piece of content for someone’s email address.  Another inbound marketing idea would be to run a targeted Adwords campaign with a specific search string, so if someone is looking for an answer to a specific question – your page comes up.  If you have a website, also make sure all pages are optimized for search – this will affect when/how often you show up as well.

Now…does inbound marketing work?  Absolutely.  I’ve seen proof of this many times!  Most recently with the new website, I helped design for a Travel company.  The CEO of a business was searching various phrases related to corporate travel and corporate travel management.  We showed up in his search results as all pages where optimized for search, after poking around the website, he later participated in a travel audit by filling out a form on the website – and he is now in discussions with the company regarding his corporate travel.

In addition to generated inbound leads, creating and making content available to your audience can set you apart from your competitors, and establish you as an expert in your space.  I realize content creation takes time, so don’t overstretch yourself, it’s better to put out one great piece a month as opposed to 10 mediocre ones.  Or, you could always look into hiring a good copyrighter – if your budget will permit.

Either way, get out there, establish your voice – and make it your goal to deliver valuable and authentic content to your audience.

So, are you ready to give inbound marketing a shot?  Let me know how it goes, and if you have any follow-up questions, leave it in the comments section and I’ll get right back to you!

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