Should you discount during a downturn?

Should you discount during a downturn?

Have you tested any new offers during this downturn, if so, how’d it go?🤷‍♀️

To discount or not to discount – that is the question. Given that we are in a downturn, it’s natural that you are wondering if this could be a viable option. My opinion is NO, and you can see why by swiping/clicking thru the slide show. Experimenting and testing NEW/ALTERNATIVE offers is a much better approach to trying to bring in revenue and save/keep market share.

It’s also important during a downturn to increase your prospect pool. How the heck do I that, you ask? The best way is to show up and be consistent. It’s also important to be aware of what is going on right now and give people something they actually need. You don’t want to come across as tone-deaf.

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