Why strong communication is so crucial for your business

Why strong communication is so crucial for your business


What companies and businesses have been STAND OUT for you during this pandemic? Comment below 👇

Does the way a company (or a person for that matter) shows up during the worst of times speak to their character? I believe it does. I’m someone who will fork out more for a better experience and a big part of that “better experience” I speak of revolves around strong communication.

Like many of you, I’ve made huge adjustments to compensate for the situation we all now find ourselves in. Although there appears to be some progress being made – the impact is far-reaching and the return to normalcy as we know it – will be sluggish. While making adjustments, and managing my affairs I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quick action, understanding, and strong communication of many companies that I personally deal with and it certainly helped ease some of the stress during these difficult times. Their proactive approach – solidified my loyalty to them 100%. On the flip side, there are companies that I will no longer do business with once this is over – due mainly to their lack of communication and customer service. Long wait times are to be expected and to some degree can’t be avoided but what they absolutely do have control over is how they communicate with their customers. Strong communication and/or having a communication strategy is always important – not just in the worst of times.

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