How To Pivot Your Business Pt.2

Thinking about pivoting your business?🤔⁠
This is the second of three posts on the topic of pivoting your business!

Today we’ll explore – value networks and new ways to monetize our services.

How we can connect with new potential customers to grow our prospect pool? Should we explore complementary partnerships and does it make sense to offer alternative payment plans?

Given our current situation, the first area to look at is finding new ways to deliver your value. Is electronic delivery of your product or service an option? Can you leverage your skill sets to create online courses or workshops?⁠

The second area to focus in on would be testing out new ways to connect and build your community. Join a new digital community or group, collaborate with another business, reach out to your LinkedIn connections – start genuine conversations, and focus on helping and proving value. Lastly, if you’ve been struggling with consistency on social media – now is the time to ramp up!⁠

The third area to hone in on would be to develop an ecosystem. What can you do with partners that you can’t do alone? Can you collaborate with partners, and local operators to overcome barriers and enhance your value/offering?⁠

Lastly, let’s look at monetizing differently. Can you find novel ways to get paid? Consider subscriptions, alternate payment methods, and new offers/services.⁠

The key here is to continue to test out these new tactics and to find a winning mix that works for your particular situation.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

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