Why Freelancers Have Home Court Advantage Over Agencies Right Now

Why Freelancers Have Home Court Advantage Over Agencies Right Now

The impact of these strange times has every business owner looking for ways to get things done cheaper, smarter, and faster – without compromising on quality.

Many businesses have had to reduce hours, staff, capacity, etc. in response to these new conditions.

Freelancers outnumber agencies in most major cities – and finding one in your area with the skills you need is possible and can create efficiencies while also saving you money! Because of our current situation freelancers truly do have the home-court advantage – here’s why:

Freelancers have fewer expenses and overhead than an agency as they don’t have office space, utilities, and large payrolls to worry about. Most freelancers have home offices and usually don’t have employee salaries to payout.

Agencies on the contrary have to mark up and pad their pricing to account for these extra expenses. They also work with many clients at once and because of that, you won’t have one point of contact from beginning to end. Often communication is done through an account manager which can create a broken telephone effect between the client and the designer. There can also be delays in response times due to bandwidth and bigger clients taking priority.

Freelancers build their businesses based on satisfied customers and their willingness to provide referrals and recommendations, therefore they have a vested interest in their client’s success. Clients also have direct access to freelancers, cutting out the middle man thus ensuring faster response times and overall alignment. This open dialogue allows clients to build strong relationships with their designers, and it allows designers to learn the ins and outs of their client’s business. Eventually, clients think of them as an extension of their business – a mutually beneficial partnership is formed.

A shift is afoot, with clients opting out of large agencies that tend to be impersonal, big, and slow, in favor of freelancers that are invested, small and fast.

If you’re business owner, you’d be remiss not to consider at least researching freelance options in your area, and if your a freelancer seize the opportunity now!

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