UNDERSTANDING YOUR WORLD – that’s my mission. This ensures that goals are aligned and that the outcomes are successful! I’m a nut about doing things that make sense which is why this statement rings true for me. Unapologetically myself ALWAYS, I gravitate towards authentic meaningful relationships – and believe in community over competition.


🎯 I’m a huge bookworm! I love books geared towards mindset, finances, and business. Book recommendations are always welcome!
🎯 I’m a passionate thoughtful communicator who listens to understand and not to respond – but be warned f’bombs tend to slip out every now and then and if that offends you, apologies, but probably best we part ways now!
🎯 I’m a crazy cat lady and a serious tea junky! Wouldn’t be surprised if one day I owned a cat adoption cafe!


🎯 I specialize in Identity (logo) Design, Branding Packages, Website Design and Website Development.
🎯 I’ve developed a process-driven approach that is collaborative and effective.
🎯 I offer a variety complimentary services to my clients creating a one-stop-shop experience.

In addition to being a graphic designer, I have an extensive sales and marketing background. I understands fully the importance of creating assets that are both beautiful and functional. Specializing in identity (logo) design as well as website design, but offering various other services to provide my clients with a one-stop-shop experience! 

I operate as a direct extension of your team and delivers innovative effective design and marketing solutions. By applying my proven processes, disciplines, and value-added services, I execute with excellence in the most transparent efficient and cost-effective way possible.

I also possess a solid educational foundation having studied Graphic Design and Interactive Media at the Toronto Film School in partnership with Yorkville University.

Check out my portfolio and @kkgtadesign on social media!