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Kim is 1 part marketer, 1 part salesperson, and 2 parts designer – who loves helping clients solve their business problems and obtain their objectives. At heart, she’s just a creative nerd, hyper-focused on producing work that gets results. Here, you can expect regular blog posts that provide design inspiration, marketing tips, and more!


When working with clients, her goal is to deliver creative assets that help them stand out from the crowd, and create meaningful interactions with their target audience. She is someone that works smart and goes the extra mile to understand the client, their industry and their challenges to ensure she is producing work aligned with their strategic imperatives.

She brings with her several years’ experience in senior leadership roles in both Sales & Marketing and has led many successful teams, projects, and initiatives. She has experience in graphic design, branding, marketing, web development, project management as well as business development. Her abilities go much deeper than simply producing pretty designs. She has a very strong business acumen which her clients appreciate and leverage to help them grow their business.

In addition to her experience and professional qualities, she possess a solid educational foundation having studied Graphic Design and Interactive Media at the Toronto Film School.

Check out her portfolio and @kkgtadesign on social media!