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A curated look at the work I produce for my clients.

Auxilia Law

auxilia moodboard

Auxilia Law needed help to develop their brand and attract their ideal buyers online. We created their positioning statement, optimized their social media bio, and selected both their font family and color palette ensuring synergies with the website. Social media templates and content were developed keeping the client’s overall vibe in mind: sophisticated, stylish, premium, and professional.

The Brainery by Coach Fharas

The brainery moodboard

The Brainery needed help developing their brand and attracting their ideal buyers online. The Brainery’s positioning statement was developed, their social media bios were optimized and their font family and color palette were curated. Social media templates and content were developed keeping the client’s overall vibe in mind: charismatic, energetic/fun, supportive. Audio, music, and animation were added to posts to really make Coach Fharas brand personality pop on social media. 

Evergreen Brickworks

Since the Brick Works opened to the public in 2010, it has grown to host international events, run award-winning programs and thrive as a social enterprise. A demonstration hub for sustainable ideas, they now offer a national platform for others to test, scale, and grow.

An 8-page brochure was designed to help communicate Evergreen’s value proposition and promote available office space. The brochure was designed in alignment with Evergreens brand guidelines.

Michelle Lauren - Life Coach

Logo and Website Design for Michelle Lauren consisted of: complete identity design, website design, and social media headers design.

Michelle Lauren offers various life coaching services including holistic nutrition, relationship, finances, career, health, education, and spirituality. A modern, feminine, and friendly brand identity was designed to create a unique and eye-catching logo shared across various marketing materials including business cards, website, and social media.

The logo and website design features geometric leave shapes to create this unique and eye-catching logo that serves as an effective marketing piece for Michelle’s target audience.

PLUS Travel Group

Plus Travel Group required a complete rebrand including logo/identity design, website design, stationery design, and signage design.

Plus Travel Group is a corporate travel company known for its service excellence. The brand redesign reinforces their position as a premium agency, appeals to new markets, and conveys their strong value proposition.

A clean sans serif font was used to create the square nameplate. The tracking was adjusted to ensure legibility and alignment while the word ‘Plus’ was bolded to emphasize their position as a premium agency. A 3D globe with an airplane completes this premium and corporate mark.

For travel recommendations, tips, and the latest technology – follow them on social media @plustravelgroup. For information on their corporate travel management services visit www.plustravelgroup.com

This project consisted of a complete identity redesign, website redesign, stationery redesign, and indoor signage.

Donaldson Travel

Nameplate & Website Design

Donaldson Travel is a division of Plus Travel Group and has been providing full-service travel solutions to the leisure and business market for the past 45 years. Their business is based on a strong foundation built on customer service and providing the most current travel solutions in the industry today.

A clean sans serif font was used to create their modern nameplate while the Plus Travel Group navy blue anchors the elements and aligns both brands. This project consisted of a nameplate design, website design, and stationery design.

Relish Network Identity Design

Relish is Canada’s new Food & Lifestyle Multimedia, Multi-platform HD service showcasing video features on every screen from smartphones to connected TVs for a global community. Relish will feature first-run food, fashion and lifestyle programming from tastemakers throughout Canada.

Relish is a new modern eco-network that required an identity package which included: logo, logo animation, feature nameplates x 4, marketing brochure, and brand standards guide.

The brand logo consists of a stacked wordmark. A clean sans serif font ensures the logo will remain fresh and current. The color palette pulls colors found in nature aligning with Relish’ position as an eco-network. 4 different colored bars are used to give a fun and adventurous edge while also breaking up the primary color represented in the rest wordmark. The letter ‘E’ is created by the use of negative space and 3 colored bars which has a clever and modern look. This logo is stylish, fun and sophisticated which will draw in Relish’ target audience. The 4 different colored bars also represent the four editorial sections under the Relish brand.

Cat's Meow Typography Book

The Cat’s Meow Type Book is for cat and typography lovers alike. It includes sayings from well-known cat’s, popular cat puns, and quotes presented in a fun and modern way. A simple but bold color palette creates seamless cohesion throughout the entire book while the strong layouts, graphics, and typography keeps its readers turning the page!

Art House

Art House has an artsy, welcoming, and casually chic personality. They offer a luxurious & unique movie experience as they’ve opted to replace the standard row seating with large comfy chairs around tables, love seats, and swivel armchairs, creating an almost event-like atmosphere for its patrons.

The concession stand has also been eliminated and replaced with a gourmet snack menu as well as wine and craft beer, served by staff in each theatre. The symbol for this mark is an abstract representation of hops used in the making of beer. The letter ‘A’ is carved in the middle of this symbol representing Art House. The nameplate uses an expressive hand-drawn font which speaks well to Art House’ artistic vibe. This mark was used across multiple marketing materials including t-shirts, movie tickets, and popcorn boxes.

Devour Network Logo

Devours’ message is to serve up a slice of happiness to its viewers every day by showing them how to make the most decadent, creative and beautiful desserts sure to wow even the most discerning of crowds. Their brand personality is Smart, Modern, and Stylish.

The network logo consists of an edgy modern font that appears to be missing some pieces which lend well to its name. A whisk accompanies the nameplate letting viewers know that the subject of this network is baking.

Elk Creek

Elk Creek required two different logo designs, with accompanying logo animations.

One logo appealed to an older affluent audience who have the luxury of curating their own lifestyles, while the other logo appealed to a younger audience with little disposable income and who would purchase this wine for celebratory purposes.

Keeping both target groups in mind while also wanting to highlight the adventurous blends offered by Elm Creek, the first logo employed extreme value contrast along with the unique use of negative space to exude an artistic, modern and unique feel. To highlight the celebratory nature of the second logo two very different but highly complementary font styles were used to achieve an overall sexy, social and celebratory feel.

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