Mother Earth Parody Poster

The inspiration for this design concept was Mother Earth and the fact that we seem to be losing our connection with her because of our lack of appreciation for the planet that sustains us. It is vital that we establish this connection once again, and as a species respect the earth as the source of all life. All the design choices were made with care to ensure clarity of message and to evoke a sense of urgency and accountability amongst its audience.

The primary image in this design is one of a girl clutching her neck and staring up at the sky. She appears to be disintegrating and/or dying as only select parts of her face are undamaged. This high fashion image was chosen because it works very well with the overall message and will also draw in the widest audience possible due to the girl’s perfect symmetry and attractive features.

These images were selected to show the audience how innocent creatures that share this planet with us, are affected by our choices. Lastly, to remind the audience what’s at stake, a beautiful image of the ocean and sun was placed at the top of the page, and an image of children surrounded by smoke was placed towards the bottom of the page. The girl is craning her neck to meet the sun’s rays, and the parts of her face exposed to it remain undamaged by the pollution.

The strong images, varying textures and colors draw the eye and pull you into this piece. Once you are immersed in it, the message becomes clear, as well as why you must be part of the solution.

mother earth poster

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