Pratt Norman

Identity Design

Pratt Norman LLP is a leading boutique entertainment and media law practice in Canada. They represent a wide range of clients and their main target audiences are production companies, artists and new media pioneers. To have Pratt Norman stand out from its competitors, yet appeal to many different markets, a brand identity was created to convey their smart, modern and stylish personality. 3 color palettes are also used to appeal to all of Pratt Norman’s prospective clients.

The rectangular shape is indicative of a movie screen while the subtle shape cutting through the logo is reminiscent of a spotlight that you associate with film events and theatre productions. The small boxed in ‘LLP’ signifies the fact that Pratt Norman represents everyone in the entertainment industry, including those behind the scenes. 3 different color palettes were selected to align and appeal to all Pratt Norman’s prospective clients.

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