Eco Boost Magazine


Toronto Film School Class Project

The inspiration for this magazine design was inspired by Eco Boost’s message which is that they are a luxury natural wellness magazine whose primary focus is curating an authentic collection of the world’s finest luxury organic, natural and ethically crafted beauty, home and wellness products. Eco Boost makes it possible to live naturally without sacrificing results/performance and overall customer experience.  All design decisions where made with care and in keeping the above message in mind.

To drive home to personality of the magazine an abstract mark was created that resembles 3 leaves which appear to be moving upwards.  A modern art deco inspired font was used for the nameplate which both reinforces the brand personality and compliments the mark perfectly.   3 colors are used in the logo design; green which you associate with nature, pale blue which you associate with spas and knowledge, and a lime green to signify optimism and nourishment.

A sans serif font family was used throughout which gives the magazine a very clean feel.  A handful of supporting fonts were also used strategically and with care to highlight the overall mood of certain compositions.  Varying font sizes, and weights were used to create hierarchy and interest.

The overall personality of this magazine is clean, modern and stylish and it will appeal to women between the ages of 18-55 who are looking for trusted luxury beauty and lifestyle products which embrace the spirit of natural and organic living.



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