Michelle Lauren

Services Completed: identity design, website design, branding

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The Client

Michelle Lauren helps career mom’s recovering from BED to reach their personal and professional goals through a tailor-made leadership based career and wellness plan that remove obstacles and elevates them to their true potential.

The Goal

Michelle required a complete identity design, website design, and social media branding design.

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A modern, feminine, and friendly brand identity was designed to create a unique and eye-catching logo shared across various marketing materials including business cards, website, and social media.

The logo and website design features geometric leave shapes to create this unique and eye-catching logo that serves as an effective marketing piece for Michelle’s target audience.

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What do I use


I always try to use the latest software when designing assets for my clients. Below are the platforms that I use on a regular basis.



michelle lauren

Kim took my business from an idea to reality in a very short period of time with her marketing and design skills. The process was simple for me to follow and work with and she made sure there was minimal work for me to do as she had a great understanding of the use of my time. She was always ahead of her deadlines and kept my vision for my business at the forefront. She is an intelligent, intuitive and ambitious entrepreneur that meets the need while moving quickly and efficiently. Her ideas are fresh and backed by market research. You want her working for your vision.

Michelle Lauren

Trauma Informed Coach

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