Brand Brilliance Bundle

One-Stop-Shop for all your branding needs! Includes: Logo/Identity, Branding & Web Design

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Brand Brilliance Bundle

One-Stop-Shop for all your branding needs! Includes: Logo/Identity, Branding & Web Design

The Problem

Many entrepreneurs struggle to attract the right clients and grow their business.

The Solution

I developed a game-changing system to help them uncover and define their niche, develop their communication strategy, and design a magnetic visual brand that together produce a steady flow of quality leads.


You can't find new clients.

Where are they and why haven’t they found you?! Your website is up, you’re posting on social media, and even joined some relevant online groups. You’ve crossed your T’s and dotted all of your I’s to put yourself out there, but for some reason, it’s just not working.

girl looking for something
girl frustrated

Symptom 2

You feel like bigger clients are out of reach.

Your dream clients seem completely out of reach. What do you have to do to break into that next tier of clients, work with big-names, and separate yourself from your competitors? You know that it’s possible for you, but are unsure how to make this transition.

Symptom 3

The people reaching out aren't the right fit.

The people reaching out to you are not the right fit for your services and when you state your prices you completely lose them. Why oh why are you only attracting low ticket clients?!

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girl covering her eyes

Symptom 4

You tried to brand yourself but it didn't look professional.

You want people to think of your brand as they would a person, you know it’s the only way you’ll be successful in connecting with your audience. You need help navigating the complexities of branding so your core values are reflective in all your communication and visual assets.

Symptom 5

Your content looks generic and like everyone else's.

You work hard on your business and you want the world to know how awesome it is – the last thing you want is for your content to look like everyone else’s. How can you create content in Canva that is on brand and stands out from the competition?

girl looking scared
kim keith laughing. She is a graphic designer and marketer.

New Possibility

Imagine consistently attracting your ideal clients and not worrying one little bit about revenue each month. Dream clients no longer seem so out of reach and you’ve never been more confident! All of this is possible with better clients, and a bullet-proof strategy to draw them in.

The Plan

What's Included In the Brand Brilliance Bundle

Attention Entrepreneurs and Business Owners! Are you ready to elevate your brand game and attract your ideal clients? Introducing the Brilliance Bundle – the ultimate package to help you build a professional and powerful brand that stands out in your industry.

Our package includes a deep research and analysis into your industry and competitive landscape, so we can craft a unique brand strategy just for you. Using our expert findings, we will develop a stunning logo and identity design, a comprehensive brand messaging playbook, and a website design that will leave your ideal clients eager to work with you.

Don’t settle for a bland, forgettable brand – let us help you unlock your Brilliance and achieve your business goals. Trust us, your competition won’t know what hit them. Invest in the Brilliance Bundle today and take your brand to the next level!


Data + Analysis

The Brand Brilliance Bundle includes in-depth research of:

  • The competitive landscape
  • The industry
  • The target market/niche development
  • Consumer insights

The goal is to find areas of opportunity for you to differentiate while leveraging best practices.

This research helps to inform future design and messaging decisions.


Brand Strategy + Brand Messaging Playbook

The Brand Messaging Playbook(BMP) serves as your business’ north star KEEPING YOUR GOALS AND MESSAGING CONSISTENT while ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS.

  • Mission and Vision Statement
  • Tagline + Slogans
  • 4 Step Branding Framework which defines your WHAT, WHY, WHO, and HOW.
  • Marketing/Social Media Cheatsheet to help you write impactful content that converts.
  • Brand Character/Personality
  • Brand Values



Logo & Idenity Design

I use Adobe Illustrator to design a 100% custom logo and identity for your business. No Canva or other free tools are used – to protect you from copyright infringement.


  • 1 full-color logo and reverse color logo
  • Web and print versions
  • 1 custom pattern or icons


  • Info on your brand character and audience
  • How to use your logo correctly including configurations, spacing, sizing
  • Suggested imagery and sample layouts
  • Color pallet and font system

Your brand guidebook ensures that you build and reinforce a consistent brand presence.


Website Design

I use the Elementor Pro (custom page builder) + WordPress to create custom page layouts based each project’s individual needs and specifications.

Website Design (new build) or Refresh (refreshing existing site, w/ new branding)

  • Max. 8 pages
  • Copy writing
  • Stock photo sourcing
  • Light image editing
  • Information Architecture + Content mapping
  • Wireframing + prototypes if applicable
  • Mobile/device responsive design
  • SEO optimization
  • Google analytics set up to track performance


Optional Add-Ons

Branded Social Media Templates

Company Naming

Stationery and Business Card Mockups

Branded Photoshoot* (3rd party photographer) 


How I work

Trello project management board to track progress and collaborate/communicate on the go

Formal contract outlining all the deliverables and terms

Zoom video conferencing for weekly calls

50% payment due upon signing, 25% due at the halfway mark, and final 25% due prior to final files being released

I accept ALL forms of payment – credit card, EFT, E-transfer, Cash and provide receipts for tax purposes

Contact Me for Pricing

It’s time to get un-stuck.

Finally, attract and land great clients to build the business you’ve always wanted. Limited space available! First 20 signups will get one of the additional add-ons free of charge!*

*Branded Photoshoot not included in freebies.

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Samples of social media branding projects

The below moodboards are example social media branding projects from actual clients. They outline the clients:

  • color palette
  • font system
  • positioning statement
  • social media bio 
  • sample content/templates

By the end of the course, you’ll have your brand assets built and a roadmap to help guide you so you can finally start attracting your ideal clients!

For more information on these projects, check out the ‘portfolio’ tab in the main menu.

auxilia moodboard
The brainery moodboard


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