Mumossa Identity Design and Brand Messaging

Services Completed: Logo/Identity Design, Brand Messaging, Research and Analysis, Business Naming, Website.

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The Client

Melina Hannah is a Weight Loss Coach who helps women rediscover their authentic selves by letting go of societal expectations. She provides them with a safe, judgment-free zone where she leads fun-filled dance-centric workout classes that empower and delight!


The Goal

A clear and consistent messaging strategy across all channels including social media and website is crucial.

Research and data was used to help guide the identity design and brand strategy ensuring it resonated with Melina’s Ideal clients.



Identity Design

My Approach

The brand logo consists of a nameplate made up of geometric shapes. These simple shapes are strategically arranged to spell out the business name.

The configuration and logo represent the fact that we are all one people, we come in different shapes and sizes and we are stronger together than apart.

The business name plays on the classic morning cocktail – mimosa and the word mom.
mumossa logo

Poster and Book

Brand Style Guide

Included in your brand guide (sample is shown here):

  • Information on your brand character and audience
  • How to use your logo properly including configurations, spacing requirements and minimum sizes etc.
  • Suggested imagery and sample layouts
  • Color palette and font system
There is one configuration of the logo and it will work on both light and dark backgrounds. The pattern cleverly spells out the word ‘moma’ and is also representative of the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes. Both the logo and pattern promote an overall air of body positivity. The icon leverages the ‘m’ from the logo and resembles someone in motion as well as a blossoming flower. The blossoming effect eludes to the overall transformation Mumossa clients can expect.
mumossa brand poster handing from two ropes from the ceiling



Mumossa’s primary target audience is moms between the ages of 30-55 and who are looking to do something for themselves. These women are fun, young at heart, and look forward to that one hour they can let go of social labels and be their authentic selves.

The research phase included a deep dive into:

  • The competitive landscape and the industry
  • Target market development
  • Consumer Insights about the target market
  • Areas of opportunity and key learnings
  • Design direction explanation
  • 2 proposed designed directions to choose from presented via moodboard

The insights from this phase, along with previous conversations, were used to help guide both the identity design and the brand messaging strategy.

Brand Messaging


The Brand Messaging Playbook (BMP) includes:

  • Mission and Vision Statement
  • Tagline
  • Brand Promise
  • Anthem
  • 4 Step Branding Framework which defines your WHAT, WHY, WHO, and HOW
  • Marketing Cheatsheet to help you write impactful content that converts

The BMP serves as your business’s north star guiding your messaging strategy.

Website Design

WordPress + Elementor

What do I use


I always try to use the latest software when designing assets for my clients. Below are the platforms that I use on a regular basis.

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