Godspeed Group Brochure

Services Completed: 5-page brochure

godspeed group leave behind



The Client

Godspeed Group required a leave-behind brochure for their sales team. This document would be sent to prospects following in-person and/or virtual meetings. 

The Goal

The goal of this project was to create a simple, easy-to-digest document that relayed Godspeed’s value proposition while also causing prospects to take action.

Godspeed Group Brochure



Custom layouts and icons were created to help organize all the information and break up the text elements. The document focused on defining Godspeed’s WHAT, WHO, HOW, and WHY. Strong call to actions were strategically placed throughout the document. Godspeed’s brand colors were used and copy editing was performed to ensure the document was concise and to the point.

What do I use


I always try to use the latest software when designing assets for my clients. Below are the platforms that I use on a regular basis.

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