WHO IS THE HERO OF YOUR BRAND STORY: A brand story framework to help you flip the narrative

woman with superhero shadow thinking about the brand story framework
Kim Keith

Kim Keith

Professionally trained graphic designer and experienced performance marketer helping business owners build a branded system around their business so they can attract their ideal buyers.

*WandaVision Spoiler Alert*

(the character)⁠

After losing her parents, her brother, and her love – Wanda Maximoff (a member of the Avengers and a powerful superhero) becomes overwhelmed by her deep personal loss. She creates an illusionary world, brings back her deceased love, and controls the minds of the unconsenting inhabitants of the town of Westview.⁠

(the problem)⁠

Will anyone be able to pull Wanda from this self-inflicted delusion and free the townspeople?⁠

(the guide who tells her to take action)⁠

Cracks begin to form in her illusionary world when Wanda meets a woman from her past who attempts to shake her free of the illusion and pleads with her to stop this before it’s too late.⁠

In branding you are not the hero, you are the guide – like the woman from Wanda’s past.⁠

Branding is about identifying a specific desire/problem that your audience has and then becoming known for helping them solve for it.

Every story is built on a simple framework:

  1. A character (your customer)⁠
  2. A problem (a barrier or desire your customer has)⁠
  3. The guide a.k.a. your brand (shows them the way and gives them a plan)⁠
  4. Calls them to action (ask them to work with you)⁠
  5. Failure would be devastating (what can be lost by not doing business with you)⁠
  6. The guide navigates them to success (what can be gained by doing business with you)⁠

⁠Start attracting your ideal clients by flipping the narrative and making the customer the hero.⁠

Need help telling your story – take a stroll through my website and learn about all the ways that I can help you!


Based on the Hero’s Journey written by Joseph Campbell and adapted for branding by Donald Miller in his book Story Brand.⁠

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