When I stopped taking a generalist approach – EVERYTHING CHANGED for the better.

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Kim Keith

Kim Keith

A professionally trained graphic designer and an experienced performance marketer helping business owners build a branded system around their business so they can attract their ideal clients.

What if Michael Jordan had split his focus between basketball and baseball? ⁠

⁠Why didn’t he dominate baseball like he did basketball? It’s because basketball was his zone of genius and he went all-in on basketball for years!

He didn’t just wake up one day and decide to try out for the NBA. ⁠

No, he built a winning system around himself that involved regular practices, weight training, proper nutrition etc.

If you want to be the best you have to go all-in on ONE thing!⁠

When I was younger – I decided to go all-in on table tennis!

Yes, table tennis! During a time when all my friends were trying out for provincial soccer and hockey – I chose good ol’ ping pong! ⁠


Because it allowed me to travel further and way more frequently than soccer or hockey ever would. It also allowed me to meet new people, experience new cultures, stay in nice hotels (most of the time) and it taught me to be independent.⁠

I made both the provincial and national teams, and won numerous awards. These are some of my fondest childhood memories and I feel these experiences helped shape who I am today.

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In case you’re wondering what going all-in on table tennis looks like:⁠

3-4 X per week practices ⁠
Occasional bootcamps⁠
Monthly small tournaments⁠
Quarterly big tournaments⁠
Sports psychologist sessions⁠
Demonstrations and tours to promote the sport ⁠

And more….⁠

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your space, you can’t take a generalist approach.

You must niche down and get crystal clear on who your ideal clients are.⁠

Remember – just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Anything that takes you away from working within your zone of genius needs to be delegated, automated, or eliminated.⁠

When I came to this realization – EVERYTHING CHANGED for me – for the better. Content creation and strategy became easier. I started getting more direct messages as people started seeing me as an expert in my space. Best of all, I started generating more quality leads and landing clients with more frequency!

But, where do you start? That’s easy, by DOWNLOADING my FREE Niche Statement Guide! 

⁠THIS INTERACTIVE GUIDE walks you through the process of both defining your niche and creating your niche/positioning statement in 6 easy steps. Once completed, you’ll be armed with a tool to help guide and better focus your content.

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