Why you need a shape-shifting logo

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Kim Keith

Kim Keith

A professionally trained graphic designer and an experienced performance marketer helping business owners build a branded system around their business so they can attract their ideal clients.

The days of just running ads to promote your product or service are long gone. This pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a strong digital presence while remaining flexible on both how and where we work. Beyond that, it reinforced that it’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

The shift from ‘done to you’ to ‘done for you’

Having worked in the print media industry for much of my corporate career, I had front-row seats to witness the shift from traditional ‘done to you’ advertising, to a more customer-centric ‘done for you’ model.

The ‘done for you’ model requires that you meet your target audience where THEY ARE, and means you need a website, and to be present on a few social media platforms. New business owners are usually still in the process of figuring out the right marketing mix for their business which takes time, testing, and consistency. It’s imperative that however you decide to promote your business that you have a cohesive polished presence across all platforms to ensure you make a positive first impression.

Why the digital landscape requires a shape-shifting logo.

The digital landscape continues to evolve with new tools and social platforms hitting the scene regularly. It’s because of this trend, I ensure my logo and identity designs are always shape-shifting. This means that the assets that I build for my clients can change size, complexity, and/or color depending on what they are being used for. The goal is to ensure that whatever platforms my clients may choose – their logo integrity is never compromised.

To ensure consistency on all mediums, you need different logo variations. This will allow your customers to recognize your branding in different ways, increasing the chance of brand recall and credibility.

Do you have a shape-shifting adaptable logo?


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