7 Different Types Of Logo Designs And When To Use Them

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In this blog post, we’ll review the 7 different types of logo designs and when to use them as well as some other key considerations to help you find the right designer.

I know how exciting designing the logo for your new business can be! You’re taking a big step forward and deciding on the official identity and unique identifier for your business, for what will hopefully be years to come!

The good news is there are many designers and options out there to help create a logo that’s unique to you and that speaks to your ideal clients!

The bad news is that it can be difficult to find the right designer to fit your unique needs.

Do your due diligence

Do your due diligence and research each designer thoroughly.

Ask the right questions

Be sure to ask these questions before signing a contract and your chances of a successful partnership will go way up. ⁠

  • How do you approach a new project?
  • What is the timeline for a project like this?
  • Can you explain your process?
  • What is your workload like?
  • How would your other clients describe working with you?


7 Different Types Of Logo Designs And When To Use Them

Next, understand what the 7 different types of logos are so you can make the best decision when working with your designer on a logo for your business.

Let’s dive into each of the different types!


1. Brand Mark Logo
images of famous brand mark logos

A brand mark (or a pictorial logo) is imagery reduced to its symbolistic meaning.

They contain elements that make your audience associate them with your brand.

Here’s what a brand mark logo can do for your brand:

  • Pictures and shapes elicit emotion faster than words and sounds
  • They allow you to convey a meaningful idea through a symbol, where the words can’t express it well enough
  • Brandmark logos are simple, versatile, and work across all platforms

*If you’ve just started your business, keep in mind you’ll have to use a wordmark with your symbol until you’ve built up your community and gained brand awareness.

The evolution of the Starbucks logo

Starbucks actually started with an emblem logo and transitioned to brand mark once they’d carved out their space in the market.

images of Starbucks' logo evolution


2.Emblem Logo

images of famous emblem logos

An emblem is a type of logo that features text, a symbol inside a geometric shape. It has the power to give a traditional and/or powerful feel to your brand.

Think of seals, crests, stamps, well-known school logos, or government agencies.

Here’s what an emblem logo can do for your brand:

  • Give you a distinguished, prestigious and even scholarly feel
  • Juxtapose youthfulness or a modern direction with traditional values
  • Create a connection to your company’s or industry’s history
  • Ties consumers to a community (like sports teams)


3. Wordmark Logo

images of wordmark logos

The wordmark (aka logotype) is composed entirely of the company’s name.

If opting for this type of logo its best to have a font specially designed for your business

Here’s what a wordmark logo can do for your brand:

  • Wordmark logos are more identifiable
  • They make it easier to remember the brand name and are timeless
  • Simple to use and require fewer variations over time.


4. Lettermark logo

images of lettermark logos

Lettermarks are logos that use a single or several letters as the logo’s defining characteristic. Typically, lettermark logos use the initials of a company’s name to form a simple, distinctive mark.

Lettermarks (or monograms) are an easy way to reduce your brand’s name to an acronym. 

Here’s what a lettermark logo can do for your brand:

  • Versatile – they work well at small sizes
  • Their simple structure allows them to become iconic and extremely powerful
  • Good for businesses with names that are long or difficult to pronounce


5. Mascot Logos

images of mascot logos

A mascot logo is a drawing of a person or a non-human entity that has received human attributes.

Mascot logos are often used for sports teams and food brands, and they create a friendly and positive vibe in the minds of your audience.

Here’s what a mascot logo can do for your brand:

  • Mascot logos are more personable and sociable
  • They are memorable and have positive associations


6. Abstract Logo

images of abstract logos

Abstract logos are a visual representation of a feeling you want your brand to evoke.

Everyone interprets abstract assets differently, so ensure you have a solid strategy to remove as much risk as possible.

Here’s what an abstract logo can do for your brand:

  • Abstract logos allow for the ultimate level of creativity
  • They can truly personify the idea, image, and values of the business


7. Combination Logo Mark

images of combination logo marks

A combination logo is achieved by placing lettering near any of the above mention logos.

The great thing about this kind of logo is that once you’ve built out your community, it’s easy to use this logo in a variety of ways.

Here’s what a combination logo can do for your brand:

  • This is an excellent option if you want your future logo to be adaptable to changes
  • In some situations, you can use just the text, in others, just the imagery

Understanding these 7 types of logos will help you collaborate more effectively with your designer to ensure the end product meets your needs!

A good logo can have a strong impact on potential customers, helping your brand stand out from the crowd.

Need help designing your logo? I got you!

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