Does Your Business Need A Rebrand?

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Kim Keith

Kim Keith

A professionally trained graphic designer and an experienced performance marketer helping business owners build a branded system around their business so they can attract their ideal clients.


When you’re first starting a business, branding is likely the last thing on your mind. After all, it’s hard to think about branding when you’re trying to launch your business and figure out how to get customers!

So, you either put branding on the back burner or find the quickest and/or cheapest way to just get it done.

On the flip side, maybe you made branding a priority from the beginning, but a change in business plans might have made your initial brand strategy obsolete.

Regardless of which approach you took, it can be hard to know when your business needs a rebrand.

The signs are there right in front of us but unfortunately, they tend to get lost in the craziness that is our day-to-day lives.

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While the timing differs for every business, there are a few telltale signs a rebrand is necessary, such as:

  1. Your vision, mission, values, and market are no longer reflected in your brand
  2. You’re not attracting your ideal clients
  3. Your brand name no longer reflects your brand vision
  4. You have new locations and/or have expanded your business
  5. You’re embarrassed to hand out your business card or website address
  6. You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition
  7. Your business model or strategy has changed
  8. Your brand has become overly complicated or diffuse
  9. You’re undergoing a merger or acquisition
  10. You’re struggling to raise your prices
  11. You’re trying to connect with a new audience

If one or more of these rings true – it’s time for a rebrand.

Fortunately, rebranding is not uncommon -many businesses have successfully rebranded and you can too!⁠

Now let’s clear up what a rebrand actually is.

A rebrand is a process of reshaping how a business or product is perceived. It can include everything from a brand’s name and messaging to its logo and visual assets to its website and marketing collateral.

The most effective rebrands always start with research.

Data from the research phase informs the overall brand strategy and all subsequent phases.

Here’s is a glimpse into my branding process so you have an idea of what to expect.

infographic showing kim keith's design process

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve now determined whether or not you need a rebrand.

It’s time to decide how you’d like to proceed.

Are you ready to rebrand your business?

Book a FREE consultation to discuss your project.

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